Ways to De-Ice Your Minibus Windscreen

During the winter, it is very normal for windscreens to freeze over. Owning a minibus, in these situations and climate conditions, can be a tedious task since minibuses are expected to be on time and quick to meet customers’ needs. Frozen windshields can feel like a huge bump in the road as it always ensures delays right away. We have accumulated the best tips and pointers to deal with frozen windshields and compiled them here as a one-stop reminder for every winter.  Please find it below:

Turn Your Engine On

It is a globally known way when talking about chilly weather and vehicles. It is also the best way to initiate the de-freezing process for your vehicle. It lets your minibus heat up and fights the weather from its inside, which is something that is necessary for engine health and seems redundant to look after manually. 

Turn the A/C on 

Yes, you heard it right, but don’t forget to turn the heat up when you do it. It will not only create an ideal environment for you but also heat the windows and windshield from the inside. Look for the blow settings on your air conditioning panel to quickly heat up the windows. Several vehicles have self-heating shields, which can ease up the process. 

Wipers Off

During the colder seasons, the positioning of your wipers (both front and rear) is an important step before parking. If you accidentally leave the wiper on the windshield, it could damage the wiper blades; if you turn them on, it could even damage the quality of your windscreen. Additionally, try not to turn on the wiper right away since it can also cultivate damage over time. 

Frost Cover for Windscreens

It is an essential investment when living in a cold environment. It won’t prevent the need to turn your heater on but it could save up a lot of your time by segregating snow from your vehicle. These are usually strong, rigid, easy to pack, and compact to store within the minibus itself. Not only that, it is an accessory that can be used all season long as it prevents your windshield from scratches, eliminates the need to scrape ice, keeps sun damage away, and helps in maintaining the maximum quality of visibility. 

Parking Nearby Buildings

It is a very odd tactic but there is science involved here. Parking near schools, buildings, apartments, or hospitals can help your vehicle stay warmer. Buildings, which are in regular use, become a source of heat for the environment; making it a source for your vehicle to contract heat. Ultimately, through this method, even if you do not use your vehicle for a long time during snow; parking near buildings can prevent your engine from being frozen when compared to parking in an open or abandoned space. 

Invest in De-Icer and Scrape

We all know the homely methods of pouring warm water on the windows or using sliced potatoes to de-ice our shields. Despite these hacks, investing in an ice scraper and de-icer can save up a lot of time and energy for you. These are professional tools built with the purpose to solve your windshield problems. This makes them professional, reliable, and probably the safest methods out there. They are tried and tested to not harm the paint job on your minibus and to keep the quality of your windscreens intact. Just be cautious of makeshift tools as they can leave traces of damage afterward. 

On a further note, avoid using boiling water on your glasses and windshield as the sudden change in temperature can easily crack them.